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    I got sum real good advice for u man. Go get ur testosterone levels tested no1 is too young but maybe teens I'm 20 n I hv ran a cycle simply becuz I hit plateau but I had got my test tested and reason being why I hit plateau is my test was at 246 Ur test levels are supp to be between 250 and 800. If ur close to 800 then ur gtg of not a cycle won't hurt
    Hey bro im new on this board but am a long time gym rat, Ive used a few bottles of the BD 25ml bottles of test and tren but cant find it anywhere. Do you know where i should look, know this is a lot to ask but im getting ready for nationals and want to use that product.

    Im 33yrs old 5'11 and weight 94kg. I have been training 3-4 yrs and have never used anythink like this before just shakers.

    After running an SD Matrix cycle which looked like this:

    2 Weeks SD + Milk Thistle
    2 Weeks Androbolix + Milk Th + Estro Supress
    2 Weeks SD + Milk Th
    4 Weeks Androbolix + Milk Th + Estro Supress

    I noticed some sensitivity around my nipples after a month and they are sore also have bump on my right nipple.

    Getting kinda worried that I'm going to have bitch tits and looking for advice in how to get rid of this. Is there anything which i can take or would i need to go for stuff like Clomid or Nolvadex????


    sorry it took me so long to reply, i just got my 30 posts. i do know exactly what you mean i am the same way. i keep saying 5 more do want my abbs back like they were 5 years ago though, i had veins in them (badass!!) what the hell do you cut with???
    Thanks for the compliment bro! Its weird though because I am not happy with it lol I think you know how I feel...I cant get big enough :)
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