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  • Cobra,

    So just finished my 2nd cycle of test cyp. The first time I did Nolva/clomid. I broke out with acne really fuken bad. U think I'll be okay with torem or nolva or clomid only for pct? I also taking letro all cycle at .25 for water retention.
    You helped me quite a bit the other day....I just posted today and needed your last input......ended up deciding on prop instead of cyp afterall! asked a few questions in my post and was wondering if you could answer them so I can make my order I appreciate your efforts man, seriously......
    you have posted many time that tren should always be higher then test. Can you please explain to me why you feel this is so.
    Hey! Just curious, what weight were you before you started cycling. I think I read somewhere that you've only done two cycles. You seem very knowledgeable though.
    Cobraaaaaaa your a sick guy bro.
    U showed me the ways how to use HCG, respect.
    I take hgh daily half cc .. I wanna start my first cycle cyp n dblos ...I'm 6'2 21 yr 185 pounds lookin to be 225p at my smallest ne advice
    Brother,how big is your fuckin arms lol? my goal is to have your arms lol...minw are a winey 19 1/2 inches...yours look 21 or so!!!!!!! you bastard ha ha...whats your secret lol?
    Hello Cobra how r u doing? Question for ya. I only have 2 more shots of HCG and 2 more weeks of test e. Could I run the last two weeks without HCG safely or should I end my cycle early? I thought it would last for the whole 12 weeks but it didn't. Next time I'll get extra.
    hey brother, can you tell me if you should run tren higher than test or vice versa and the reasoning behind it. i know tren is more androgenic than test and they both fight for the ar receptor but i just dont get it
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    Hey brother, just wondering..
    You said Test boosters are fake right?
    Im not arguing, just looking for more information or insight about it.
    I tried Vitrix, which is a test booster.. and my Libido went up, my C*** was alot harder.
    So it must do something???
    What about Tribulus? which is a herb in most/all test boosters

    Thanks bro
    Hi all.. This is my first time being a member on similar websites I have always been looking at them .. but now I realize how much help someone can get***8230; I am planning to run the following cycle and would like your opinions:
    Week 1-12 equiopise 400mg
    Week 4-12 tren- act 50mg eod (as it is my first time with injectable tren, I have tried the oral and didn***8217;t like it a lot)
    Week 4-12 var 30 mg ed
    Week 1-12 provirone

    My Pct will basically be clomid for 3 weeks.

    Supplements I am taking with: animal pak, animal cuts, whey protein and casen, glutamine and HMB. Thinking to add some clen

    My stats:
    Age 27
    Gender : male
    Height: 184
    Weight: 83
    Body fat: around 17-18 %
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