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  • Hey man one more question please,

    After some reading last night i'm going to go with the Liquidex for an AI instead of the letro. Also I'm going to throw in some Nolva along with my clomid for PCT. The sticky suggest to take .5 -1ml each day of the Liquidex "Dosing of 0.5 mg to 1 mg a day should reduce serum estradiol about 50% in men,[5] which leads to helping prevent bloating and gyno which may be associated with the use of AAS. Active life is fairly short so daily to eod dosing is optimal." So that means i should take lets say about .75ml every day for the 12 week test-E Cycle and during PCT?
    hey man, you gave me some advice on test prop the other day. im doing 100mg eod wanting to go to 8 weeks. i just found out the lab i get my stuff from has stopped making nolvadex for some reason. My mate reckons tapering off and using arimidex as pct will be enough. Ive tried twice already to order serms into new zealand but just end up with seizure letters. i ordered from AMA and purity-solutions.
    Do you reckon i will be good coming off onto adex or do you have any suggestions

    thank alot

    for some reason i cant PM you.
    can you email me at
    Just wanted to say thanks. You probably have no clue at this point what I'm talking about but thanks none the less. On a side note: Time for someone to empty their mailbox. I tried to pm you with my thanks but says its full.
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