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  • Lmao I wouldn't want to see a Kaname123 just for helping out the 123 version of docd187 hahaha. It's cool I wouldn't have resisted either. It blows starting from scratch but most of the important ppl know who it is even with the new name. I'll try juced prokchop but remember Dialtone who is also a mod promised to email admins for me and the following day all that happened was they suspended the second account.
    Ok so I guess I'll give it a few more days. I went onto stone cold's and dread pirates profiles and if you check their visitor messages it seems like I'm not the only one who experienced the problem but since I can't even PM OR send them a visitor message (yes I tried for them specifically) I don't see a resolution without getting banned again lol
    Yes sir. Tried my old account just now after reading your visitor message. Still no posting, pm's, making threads and can't even leave anyone visitor messages like stone cold or dead priate to check into it. I have no idea how to get in contact with them since I sent messages through the contact us feature at bottom of forum but when I sent messages with another account they banned it :(

    It's really getting old since I have 70+ posts and still can't PM with this account either. You have any ideas wth is going on bro??
    Idk its the same thing for Turkey and He and Vino both said he was banned. I tried it now and it said my password is 3days old and expired so I changed it and still can post or anything. If it was suspended then what for? That same comment? I haven't really done anything against the rules as far as I know. I didn't even know they would suspend
    Yup the one and only lmao. It's me brother. I think I got banned regarding that post that got deleted that you and I talked about, then I made a second account and pm'ed every mod and their mother trying to figure out what happened. Dialtone responded to me and said he'd email the admins to fix the mistake. Next day the second account was banned so this is número tres lol
    Hey man stonecold ended up banning my account because I posted my blood work for pinnacle, pretty shitty.
    email me at turkey1000@safe-mail.net if u wanna talk at all.
    No problem I feel I'm becoming more an more apart of the community ology has become my new home. Pleasure is mine.
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