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  • What's up? I could use a little help.. Is there a method to finding a good source on here? I don't want to ask you bro I just want insight on finding my own. Lol I've on trt but I want to raise my weekly mg. I see there are new peeps on here who advertise like they are paid. Seems shady to me. Is there like an underground forum where sources are easier to find lol
    Can you email me and tell me how i can pay for Pinnacle products? do i just email them and wait for the response or what? also, what kind of payment was used? my email is
    We agree on allot. Still new on this board, but trying to add some people to my friends list. Thanks man.
    Hey man i really need some new sources all i had was Z and naps neither of which i can use can you help me out?
    hey whats up man. i read a post of yours on sciroxx labs. ive heard from a lot of people its really goood , how can i find a source?
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