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  • Hey Man,

    After doing alot of research i found Rips to be one of the best HGH on the market now.But the problem is my source does not have it so i turned to internet.Unfortunatlly there are not may on line store to sell it.I found one named HGH Gear: Home - HGH | Hygetropin | Anti Aging Therapy | Human Growth Hormone | Riptropin Review | Blue Tops Hgh but some people say is a scam.Anyway if you bought them over the internet can yo tell me the site?I understand if you will not answer at all.Thanks,man.
    Hey man can you send me an email, not looking for a source or anything like that, already got it

    just wanna make sure I did shit right

    thanks man
    LOL no prob bro. Was that the right info. I did not have a link back so was not sure....
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