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  • I never noticed how fat I was until i posted the OAK on my page. Even napo dyno up there looks ridiculous. Motivation Motivation!
    I have been asking allot of questions to get answers so I can get back into training. I started to get a little frustrated:nonono2: with all the questions I was receiving back. I was frustrated because I couldn't answer them. I was frustrated because I realized I have forgotten the most important fundamental, know yourself.

    Now its time to get back in the driver seat. I am gonna take the next week and document everything tediously and thoroughly. Then I will post everything here and in my journal. No roy boy gonna do this natty.
    Once I post I will be open to diet nutrition training and supp advice and guidance.

    Lets forget all I have said and make it as if I am brand new. Never lifted before, don know anything but eager to learn.

    One more thing to all the people, acquaintances and friends I have made thus far thank you I am on the right path now. Lets Make this happen.
    lol thats what its about bro "Evolution" either its evolving body mass, mind set, spiritality, or your life as a whole. hindsight is 20/20 and looking back and look at yourself now you can see your path your evolving to. (by the way im Atheist so this isnt a Religious rant lol)
    You got your whole life man, one step at a time, love the gym and diet (or at least cope with the diet part haha), longevity is where it's at...
    I dont know man im sure everyone is different. I have kept everything but a few Lbs after i cycle but months down the line i start losing 5 - 10 lbs but get cut again so i never look at directly after cycle as my natural form i expect the change. but im still a newb and not very expierenced. you should open a Hushmail account and hit me up.
    that seems like a good track your on with all that cardio. i try to avoid cutting agents just cuz i like to use as little gear as possible. but i heard anavar is good for cutting up. im far west
    Anyways my goal is to not gain strength, but some inches on my neck, biceps, forearms and calves while shredding my midsection somewhat and maybe drop ten pounds.

    Currently measured as 15 1/2" Bi, 12 1/2" fore, 24 1/2" thigh, 15 3/4" Calves, 42" chest and 37" waist (around belly button), neck is a whopping whoopidy doo 15 1/2". I am 5' 10" and 197 lbs.

    What to do now? I run trail about 8 Mi a week and 60 elliptical sessions 3-4 X's a week.
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