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  • Hey, whats up. Its been hard for me to get connects. I know your tired of getting this question but can u help me with a legit source. so tired of getting scamed all the time, help me out bro,if u can
    I was wondering if you could help me out. I have cycled once before years ago and i had great gains and remember feeling great. Gained about 17 pounds and had some good success. I was using BD test E twice a week. This time around, on my 4th week now, i notice i've been gaining some weight, but i am not really increasing my reps or weight by much compared to my first cycle and the overall sense of feeling good is not near the same. I am using Jelfa Sus250. I trust my source for the most part so i am not sure if the product is weaker/cheap or what. any advice would be great. I have to lot/exp if that helps. Thanks bro

    Jelfa Sus250

    2 shot per week - 10 weeks

    one shot on Mon / one on Thurs

    BD dbol 50mg per week

    I have nolva on hand
    PCT will be nolva and clomid

    6 years training
    10-12% bf

    - Only the dead see the end of war
    Thanks glad it worked out.. I use it as a substitute for sour cream on baked potatoes and in beef stroganoff. Hardly diet foods but I cook for my family a lot and the kids love stroganoff! Weekends are tough to stick to the diet. Lots of treats at home- brownies and ice cream sandwiches for example..... I did pretty good - only 1 brownie....although it was 4" square! Lol. I'm starting a contest diet in 4 weeks and I'll have to be really good them. I'm around 10% bf now and want to get to 5% without losing too much muscle. Well see. Later bro
    hi can i get advice on dromastanolone di propinate biochem please what side affects do you get from injecting it.
    i was wondering if anyone could gv me some advice on what i should take and dosage for winstrol depot and test prop?
    Hi, my name is donnie and i have no idea how this inter net works I am looking to do my first cycle and i been looking every where on the enternet, does anyone know of, or could point me in the drection ,mexican????????
    Thanks. I am inexperienced with getting gear, and dont know anyone so no worries there. Only problem with the cardio is every where I am working on to get bigger are all the places that end up going first when losing weight. I like my size but but i keep going in circles small big small big. Any advice?
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