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  • dude my 7 year old was messing with my computer last night and broke our friendship including a few others,I hope this won't offended you, I requested your frienship again :)
    sorry for the mess
    well u know what its a eighteen wheeler with 53' trailer come on now its easy once you get it, it's like riding a smaller truck, easy I tell ya!

    have faith the canucks will get a win :)
    wow brother I have lot of work man can't keep up:( I need another driver so that I can dispatch loads, so far 3 drivers but need a 4th one, why don't you move down here and we can work togeher ;)

    btw gooooo Canucks!!! f*ck Florida Panther they fuck*ng suck
    Big date tomorrow? Go ahead big fella. Ya ill.b watching right after pens and flyers. There will b blood lol
    Dude I'm so glad. At least one of my teams is.doing good. Pens are struggling at a very bad time
    yeah what is your phone carrier sprint? verizon? so that I can text u from my laptop to your phone, you can't be taking off like that tough guy, u gotta let me know were u at, don't forget I'm your pimp puto :)
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