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  • Hey buddy! Been playing tag with Macedog on the super bowl contest I won. Any chance you could help me out? Thanks!
    Wanting to place an order before sale ends but can't, will PSL offer the 10% at a later date? Thanks
    I have one concern... I received gear that expires on 12/2016 which is right around the corner and I've already jumped on. A cycle to hit it before it expires but is there anyway PSL can send me gear that expires at a later date. Usually they are years out. I ordered 3 test e and 3 deca bottles.... It would be great to receive some with. A later date... I'm a returning customer, 3 orders in less than a month.
    Are the domestic and international line of euro injectables exactly the same? I only ask since the bottles on the site look different.
    Idk if I'm breakin the rules by sending a message for what I'm askin but i thought id try... I've been ordering from a specific site for a while now and was wanting to explore more options to order from; maybe a little cheaper or better gear... I'm paying roughly $70 per vial on ave depending on what I'm ordering... I was wondering if you had any site that you'd recommend me ordering from... I left out the name of where I've ordered from in case I'm breakin any rules.. Cheers
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