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  • hey, I'm new here. you seem to know what you're doing. can i keep in contact with u for any questions i come across?
    LMWCCAO... BTW this translates to (laughing my White, Crazy, Cuban ass off)
    A new one I just invented, I'm getting creative.
    hey jj, I am a new ology user who is looking to run my first cycle of hgh frag 176. I noticed in my gathering og info you have a considerable amount of exp in the matter so I thought it best to seek your advice. I know that this pep is dose dep so I am at 193lbs and 5'11, I am on a fatloss diet right now with little success. My current diet macro break down is

    2225 kcals/ 326g protein/ 66g Carbs (not counting veggies)/ 36g FAts

    I also do 90 mins fatsed morning cardio plus 20 mins after lift on lift days (4x per week)

    I have just began trt so my little progress on such a diet I attribute to my low hormone levels which will improve

    I was wanting to know if there is any dosing protos or diet manipulations i could use to achieve the best results with the frag
    hey bro i know its a lil late jus want to say happy new year to you and your family hope ur stayimng warm in this cold weather we got
    was up man, just been working a lot for to get this xmas vacation started. How you been? you still taking the peptides? Im taking GHRP-6/CJC-1295 with HGH blue tops like I said before, sleep is great and Im finally losing that fat around my waist.
    I was going through your album, how long did you take to grow your hair long? you look like fabio,.lmao J/k
    Mig, if mass is a goal you might wanna consider adding 200mcg of GHRP-6 at the last shot of the day. Then when fat is lost and you're happy with composition, go with GHRP-6 with CJC-1295 stacked and you will get HGH like effects
    hey bro, im placing an order on SRC on some 176, ant other frag i might need? im looking to loose fat but keep my mass! just need that extra kick to keep motivated! dont wanna shot any natural production. planning on doing 200mcg 3x day, any advise?
    Orbit12971, SRC is SouthernResearchCo and they are the BEST in peptides! No Bullshit, just great low pricing and very pure products. If you research or just ask SouthernResearchCo your self they can dial in technical specifics! It comes as 5mg powder you add 2mL bacteriostatic water to reconstitute the peptide. Take 100mcgs 3x/ED OR every 3 hours-(Best). RUI is a great reliable source for the insulin needle/syringes. I gotta say the GHRP-6/CJC-1295 combo is AMAZING! I feel like I'm on the best juice I've never had!! Might stick with this stack for some months
    Hey Bro I was thinking of getting some hgh176-191 what is the dilution process exactly? I have gotten alot of stuff from RUI without any problems what is SCR? are they pretty good? Thanx
    big guy, I limit my carbs 150 grams carbs....
    150 grams fat...
    300 grams protein... zig zag sounds like this "up and down with carbs" Ive read your posting on Mrs pinga, I think its like this "3 days no carbs then 3 days carb up,sounds interesting, why do this?
    $500/kit is way high! You can get it half that price easy, makes the cycles much more effective! Hit up shhegui@yahoo.com for a price list. Tell Tommy B-legit sent you.
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