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  • Hey Dino,
    I would rather you come off the epi and halo and run a nice PCT to get your body back into functioning with your natural testosterone production, then try a run w/AndroSeries products. The oral methyls that you ran shut you down very hard, and cause your lipids and liver values to become negative. Yes youwill get great immediate gains from them, but it is very difficult to sustain gains most of the time.

    Man just stay strong and think about something else,really get into your training,be with your other friends,dont stay by yourself,get out and enjoy life man,she isnt worth ruining your life man,i promise ya,you are in the worse right now,it always gets better from here,i know man,trust me
    His HGH/cycle? I dont know who your talking about.
    But my cycle I pin 100iuGHRP+CJC together in one pin everymorning and night, also pin HGH blue tops same time. What I gathered from reading peptides and HG is that the GHRP+CJC will make my body produce more of its own HG while the HGH blue tops is adding HG ,so that the HG blue tops does not shut down my natural production of HG the GHRP+CJC helps keep my natural HG "normal" kinda like adding HCG on a test cycle. SO I hope im doing the right thing and not fucking up my body for the future, which who am I kidding, cause im on a test cycle right now also lol, but I feel great and the fats coming off and I sleep sooooooo good. I know this stuff is working.
    Yeah, I told you using the HGH takes MONTHS!! Very slow shit but certain specific healing/protecting values are so unique and worthy. I'm still on the GHRP-6/CJC-1295.. Uneventful to say the least. I am switching back to HGH fragment next week to shred off holiday slack that's accrued. Glad to hear you're doing good, I was wondering for a while now, WTF happened to his HGH/cycle? Should have gone nothing short of divine!
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