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  • Hey dude. I drink muscle milk protein and BCAA pwder for strength and recovery. Muscle milk is at GNC but the BCAA powder is not. You can google it sciviextend bcaa powder.

    Personally if I were you I would do what a lot of guys do at your age to gain size and get the mass triple x powder from GNC. It packs a shitload of calories in. You also get your BCAAS and protein with that so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. That would be the only powder that I would suggest for you now.

    As for chest and arms they grow from bench press and deadlifts not so much curls and or direct tricep work like most people think. Check out the training section here and look for the thread titled mad strength program for Dlove, lol. Smoke a fatty with Grandma Cheryl for me, lol..
    Sup dude you decided to join. I spend more time on here than facebook, myspace etc... Theres some great info. on diet and training on here and the general chat forum or behind closed doors is hilarious. Peace Buddy
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