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  • I understand that completely bro, I thought I saw links in the past but thinking about it was suppliments or whatever like that related. I own a group purchasing organization that I'm trying to get hits on my site on. We basically give hotel's restaraurant's shit like that good deals on their purchasing. You can check it if you like, Home of CHIPS Hospitality at chipshospitality.com

    Actually while I got your attention your attention bro, if you knew whether or not test e, show's different on an endo's blood test then test cyp, i would love to know that?
    Sorry man we don't allow free advertising of any type. This is business and we sell advertising. It's what keep the lights on. What's it the business your in.
    Feeling better man, time to get back into my routine.
    Thanks for your help regarding supplements that could help me get to where I want to be.
    When I get over strep I'm gonna get back into lifting hard.. I feel weak as shit being sick.
    Anyway, what powders do you think I should buy from GNC to get more size in my arms and chest?
    dude - what's the avitar - i know i need glasses, but I can't figure it out - is it secret squirrel?
    Hey bro I read your post about teenage kids having huge amounts of test. I'm just wondering about how much more test you think a teenage kid has running in there system in comparison to a guy running 500-600 MG or a 1-tren cycle?
    Hey what's up yea I'm from the burgh I lift at the ymca in penn hills because that's where I live.what about you
    No stick around LG. The flames on here are just from angry Gits usually. Your a good dude. That is true too test can alter chics big-time, and staying on yr. round will eventually lead to problems unless you TRT it. Just tell people to fuck off. Your Don Hooten article is probably gonna get me fired for being on here to long, lol.
    Lol yeah it did. I'm from ny. I'm gettin flames onthis forum. I'm about to just sayfuck it.
    All because I said woman shouldn't take testosterone unless they wan test related sides and that taking test year round could hurt ur heart. Wtf
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