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    Hi macro
    Do you have an email that i
    Can contact you
    Would like to speak privately
    Hi Macro,

    I want to buy some LiquidCia and came across a thread where you specifically recommend one liquid research company. The problem is that the name is blocked by asterisks and I can't see the domain name. Can you please advice me as to the best place to buy LiquidCia? Feel free to send me an e-mail to artlan [at] hotmail.com

    Thanks a lot :)
    hi my name is bryant i have seen posts by you on mutiple threads for gyno induced by anabolics i do have this am wondering what is the best ways to get this reversed ive heard letro followed up by nolva will sometimes do the trick what are your opinion on this i need info asap email at bryantcoffman36@aol.com
    you ever heard of Glodal Anabolic LTD?. I just got some tren A and suston 250. Wondering if its good or fake.
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