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  • I was wondering if you could help me out. I have cycled once before i went overseas years ago and i had great gains and remember feeling great. Gained about 17 pounds and had some good success. I was using BD test E twice a week. This time around, on my 4th week now, i notice i've been gaining some weight, but i am not really increasing my reps or weight by much compared to my first cycle and the overall sense of feeling good is not near the same. I am using Jelfa Sus250. I trust my source for the most part so i am not sure if the product is weaker/cheap or what. any advice would be great. I have to lot/exp if that helps. Thanks bro

    Jelfa Sus250

    2 shot per week - 10 weeks

    one shot on Mon / one on Thurs

    BD dbol 50mg per week

    I have nolva on hand
    PCT will be nolva and clomid

    6 years training
    10-12% bf

    - Only the dead see the end of war
    Dude, how's it going? Did you enjoy dbols and abombs enough that youd do it again?
    I'm thinking I might try 30mg dbols and 25 or 50mgs abombs..but i'm chicken shit of the abombs at the moment..i dunno why???
    I have read several of your posts and hoping you may be of help in Atlanta. Thanks for any help bro!
    Hey dude,
    Nice vaca you took there ha ! oh by the way tell you girl I say hi ! I heard she's been asking about me.. LOL.. just fucking with you :D how u been Bro ?
    Hey Bastard were the fuck you been s.o.b Merry fucking Christmas you massive fuck..Lol for me the last while, i get sent ot of town often with shitty schedules so gym time is minor...but i can get cracken after january again..thank god
    long time no talk bro...last we talked you moved...lost your winny felll in love with tren.
    how did the love triangle turn out?
    yo massive I am getting serious about bodybuilding after lifting for five years. I need A hookup in miami. could you be of any help?
    how you been bro?,how do you like the weather here In miami? "the dolphins are going to kick the jets ass,to bad your a jets fan,lol.
    hey M123 how are u doing ?, I hear your girlfriend is asking for me, J/K hey pm me your email again, I lost it the first time,.. take care asshole!!,..
    lol, everything is well brother, don't fucken get lost on me around here,ur the man, M123 u rock,.. = - )
    hey m123 how the fuck r ya pal, havent heard from ya in a while, is that u on the pic profile, anyhow its great hearing from you..
    I need help with my cycle...experiencing sex drive loss and erectile dysfunction....running dbol/enanth/deca...what can i do?
    I took Tren for 12 weeks straight w nothing else thinking it would not aromatase which was true but it gave me prolactin gyno. I was having pain in both nipples, really sensitive so i started taking liquid letro 1ml a day but then I read that liquid prami is better. so ive been taking 1 ml a day of that plus .5 ml of letro. makes me really sick tho... on top of that i'm taking vitamin b6 all day.. pain in one nipple is gone. the other pretty much gone too, but right nipple is still puffy. why wont it go down? the lower body fat that i get, the worse it looks. need to fix this asap, any suggestions, dosages, etc.? will puffiness ever go away? dont want surgery. should i take letro at night with prami or can i take them during the day i got one puffy nip that wont go away
    LOL...Oh thats right your in pct now if I remember.
    My cycle is coming along great.Glad to see you back and to here you had a great time.You must have some good
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