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  • Hi Matt. I was reading your advice on bulking and cutting cycles, and you posted a link about cutting on cycle and bulking off, but the link is dead. Do you know where I could find this info? It sounds interesting, Thanks!
    Hey matt was reading through a forum and saw you post, you seem to know a good amount about prohormones and anabolic supplements. I am looking for some information on what cycles are best, what post cycles, and what to take with what for least sides and best results. Thank you
    Hi Matt, I have read many of you positive comments about the andro series, I am currently taking a Halo Epi Prohormone and I keep reading that it is very hard on your liver, i am finishing a month on it and want to keep my gains, my question is , can i start taking Androbulk now while I get off the Halo and Epi? any help would be appreciated, thanks
    How are you? I'm looking for research gear and I saw that you state the GWP is good to go. Have you purchased from them? If so is their product good to go?
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