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    bro, i saw on another post that you can get in touch with some people at Uniquemicals. I placed an order a while ago and haven't heard anything from them. I was hoping you could help me out.
    hey mitch can't pm you I got a few questions, you can email me at what my name is plus @yahoo.com
    mich , ive been working out for years and have never accheived the massive size of muscle that i want can u refer me to a legit website so i dont have to rely on shady people all the time. too many scam websites
    hey im 5'6 155 pounds 15% body fat what should i use to get reallly cut? what should i use to get really big also ?
    whatsup man im a big noob and wanted some advice where do you get ur syringes and needles from having problems Im taking test e
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