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  • Shut you down..Almost all roids will impair your natural test protection. Some will kill it completely and it can take weeks or months to restore. Also he could have been referring to shutting down your libido and the ability to achieve or maintain an erection.
    Never done thyroid T3 but I think it s very efeective from what I hear. Clen will definately help you drop weight but it made me hot, a bit irritable and fueled my insomnia..it s a no go for me with clen.
    With refrence to the tren overdose, I m better..almost normal, whatever that is, right ? I thought I was dying, bro..no shit. It did , however, push me to the docs office; I requested a FULL blood panel..all is well with all systems,except for my natural Test production..I m at 110..normal is 240-800..So I m taking 75 mgs of test gel..prescribed.
    Good luck with the weight loss Navy dude.
    I did not answer your question..Yes about the aggression..but it was directed inwardly..if that makes sense. I was laying there with a limp dick, wide awake at 0300. I still have totally wierd nights but their better. Test ussually HELPS me sleep..And yeah 200 mgs at one shot was way over the top. Hairloss has never been an issue...nor has acne..I wish you well
    None taken bro..I was quite taken aback when I realized what I d done to myself. I m shelving it..I liked what I read about the positive effects...I should have read more. The dude who gave it me is like 6' 5" 265..he aint fat. I m 5 11 200 I aint fat..
    Dude I was ALARMED at what was happening..I feel better..I still aint right though. Fkn brutal...still anxious, poor sleep, but its better...NEVER again...w/tren
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