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  • my bf would be pritty high and im 23. i was also wondering can u recomend any reliable web sites that sell
    Hi, I haven't really been on this forum before, but I was searching the internet for Ugl credibility and I came across one of your comments saying you get half your gear human grade, and the other half ugl made. I have recently made the decision to start my first cycle, and I did tons of research on the subject. The problem is I have yet to find a credible supplier. I have been desparately searching the web and running in circles with whats real and whats a scam, and I cant risk losing any money to those guys. Can you please at least direct me in the right way? If you cant answer this question on here, can you please email me at Demonic161@hushmail.com? It would be much appreciated.

    i am about to take steroids for the first time and i was hopeing for some advice.
    i am a large build 6ft 16stone of a mix of muscle and fat, i want to loose the fat and bulk up.
    i am planing to stack winstrol and anadrol, i was wondering is there any problem with this and what else should i be taking e.g anti estrigen.
    would really apriciat the advice
    just got my first vial of test p 100 mg, paid $100 wondering if i got good deal and how much you think i should start off taking? Did some research maybe not as much as i should so any advise im sure will help

    21 yrs old
    145 lbs
    My name is Chris. New to the site. I saw your posts on the rotator cuff and had a question for you if you have the time. I'm a 47 yo. Recently I had a second repair to a right complete rotator cuff tear. I am doing rehab/PT as directed. I have been taking deca 200mg weekly, cyp 100mg weekly and serostim 2 iu daily 5 on 2 off. From everything I read the serostim will do nothing for collagen synthesis but taking just for hormone replacement, and hoping it won't hurt. From what research I could find there 2 studies that showed increased collagen synthesis with the deca. I wanted to know what you thought of how I am running this. Would you do anything different? I am a surgeon and although I want to get back in the gym my main goal is to get back in the OR. BTW, I get everything from an endocrinologist for "hormone replacement." Sorry for the long message. Appreciate any feedback.


    hey man, i saw your post about the megaplex thing today when i was looking up some reviews for it. you kind of made me realize that i have no idea what I'm doing. I'd appreciate it a lot if you would help me out by telling me what you used when you started out.
    I'm not a beginner at weight lifting but i am at using steroid/supplements. i haven't used anything yet because of fear of liver damage but i've thought about using them for years. thanks for reading
    Hey dude. I had been taking care of some shit with moving and stuff so I hadn't been around. I'm back in the neighborhood again. I got all my moving shit behind me so I should be able to pop on more often. How have you been?
    Hello, I got a question. What is the rep power bar, and how dose that work? The reason I ask is, my rep power bar went from rep power 1 with 1 green block, to rep power 0 with 2 red blocks. Not sure what happened...
    Thank you very much for your time!
    heres a pic the end of october when i stopped going to the gym and i been back to tha gym for about 3 months now ill show you a recent pic when you respond
    hey whats going on man im just looking for a little help i been reading and learning from the internet but nothing is like talking to someone that has done this and has experince you can read and learn everything but hands on is the real teacher anyway im 5'10 165lbs dont know my body fat, im 30yrs good health i was taking the mass stack(BSN) i lift for about 3-4 months get to about 180lbs and im stuck there then i lose interset and frustrated and quit lifting then ill take a little while off and then back to tha gym i go si ive read and read about taking sus 250 i wanna get past my sticking point so this is my jump so just to be sure i got on here and ask ?'s just to get a reassurance of how to take it and etc... thanks
    Congrats on the mod spot, brother. You've always been a real cool dude to me. I definitely appreciate you. Happy 2011!
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