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  • hey sorry forgot my password couldnt get to log in ,ok im currantly taking 80mg of dk var and 250mg of test enathate and sustanon 250 so i just started with these and pin mondays and thursdays , work out 4-5 times a week and my eatting is getting better uping my cals to 71 per hour and having my weight in protien weight is at 175 to 180 but its hard when u have to work and a family to take care of , so what do u think of how i doing this . thanks for any input back
    10mgs is wayyy to low. and when you on a steroid you have to train 10 times harder than you would if you werent on them. sounds to me you need to do more research. and please tell me your not taking it alone? and remember test is the base to allll cycles. when i say all i mean alllllllllll.
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