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  • hmm i fink iv gone bigger took a pic init ma arms and shouldas av gone bigger defo but wiv da rest of da body i cant tell
    safe bruv il see if i have anytime too busy nowadays init. ma mate says iv defo gone bigger but u know da score lol. did u see massive results on ur first cycle?
    bruv i dont know man to be hoenst ppl a couple of ppl are sayin iv gone bigger but i cant tell myself really its kinda depressing bruv, wen im in ma vest i look big but wen im in normal clothes u cant really tell. puts u down u get me
    whats appnin bro long time init yh cycles going ok man. been doing powerlifting for 4 weeks to get gd and strong and now im lifting heavy on ma 6th week now bro aint really gained size das probz cuz i have been doin powerlifting init. u still fink i will be able to get a decent size wiv da remaining 6 weeks? and safe bruva
    well i have got some before pics and i will take pics after aswell and will defenatly post them up no problem
    test enanthate bro. had ma first injection 2day man went really well no pain at all jus got a lil stingin pain now das all
    Safe Bruv :) first injection 2moro man shitting it but gonna do it propa determined
    bruv da dbol yh i been told i have to load up and then back down and then by da same guy told just take 5 a day 10mg each init 50mg like u said but someone told me i have to load back down too if not i lose da results i gained from it. so im kinda confused what u fink i should do, should i load down too?
    safe bruv and the guy at the gym said to me that i should start my PCT after 2 weeks of completing my cycle so i can get the most out of the test. what do you think of that??
    there u go bruv its up not the biggest i know. i managed to get some test enanthate from my local gym and the guy said he will throw in some dianabol all for 55 pounds that sound ok? and is it ok if i take some dianabol ??? what do you think ??
    yh man thanks it helped a lot listen i got some pics man i wanna show u, cuz i fink i need to lose some weight first init. how do i upload them on here ?
    sorrry man cant reply to your message for some reason idk if its because i dont have enough posts or what
    Please see the product page and you will see it states it will ship Monday. Tracking will be emailed to you and you should have it in hand 2-3 days later.
    hey thanks for replying man its hard to find someone who will actually help u out nowadays, the questions where:
    1. what age did you start taking steroids and what cycle did you go on and what pct?
    2. does pct mean that you keep both your strength and muscle gains after you stop taking the steroids?
    3. whats better for a pct clomid or nolvadex?
    4. will i be able to gain atleast half a stone of pure muscle with the cycle you recommended me?
    5. how many cycles have you done?
    6. did you experience any side effects when you went on your first cycle?
    7. will the pct restart my testicles again and restore them to how they where before?
    8. any tips of the trade for when i do take the steroids?
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