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  • Hey brother what's happening? Man did the bears take a turn for the worst!! They just started to get going and BAM. Whole team is injured. I got forte in my fantasy football league. Sucks
    Hey nerdalert, I'm a total newbie here but I've been following your posts about N2 burn and it definitely sounds interesting. Im 6'2" @ 243lbs.(as of today) and N2burn sounds like what I need to get on the fast track to my ideal weight(200-210) . I'm definetly interested in testing out N2burn and keeping a blog about it on here. In fact, I'm willing to update every day.(that actually sounds fun!) So hit me up and fill me in on all the details so I can get on this!

    Thanks, nick.
    Hello, I've tried "PM-ing" you but I keep getting a "you don't have access" message. I wanted to first of all thank you for allowing me to log the N2Burn. As you may have read, I experienced an upset stomach in the mornings, with and without breakfast. I'm discontinuing my usage of the product for that reason. Otherwise, it kept me on track with my weight, I lost 5lbs in the 15 day span, great mental focus and energy, no jitters, great strength during workouts, and no sleep disruptions.
    I'd be more than happy to send what's left back (about 33 pills) or allow my fiance to pick up the log, he'd have no problem posting updates. Let me know what would be best to do! Thanks again!
    Hey brother,do yall have any samples of your pre-workout supplement?ive used everything in the book,and im wanting to try and find something new and that works good and ive read alot of great reviews on Ntk2s
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