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  • Pikiki,
    I can give you a referral if you wish. I think this clinic will even ship to afgahanistan. Yeah the Dr DS hook me up. I'm well pleased.
    Yeah I might do a log, but won't start my cycle for probably a little over a month or so. Glad that my stuff seems to be the real deal. Thanks!
    i figured it out thanks man,not yet buddy is making big orders for numerous friends and the deadline is april 7th is when we all need our money and exactly what we want to order...im pretty sure im going to go with test e at 500mgs a week for 12.5 weeks,dbol 1-4 weeks at i think 45mg a day,and run adex while on cycle,then clomid/nolva for pct...ya who knows when ill get to start my log since hes ordering stuff april 7th then gota wait for it to ship so idk how long it will be,i already got a thread up of me wanting to cycle an i put like almost 20 pics up of me before cycle weighing 147
    heyyy bro this may sound like a dumb question but whats the easiest way to upload pics i wanna upload a good amount of them in my thread
    You still in Afghanistan, I am here on Combat Outpost Fortitude, RC North. 11B Infantry, ARMY..Any issues with mixing with Doxycycline malaria pills, or are you not taking them? Hit me up..
    pikiki, thanks for your reply i have been training on and off for a a couple of years, when i find the motivation to get into the gym , so far i've found that the prop has given me higher levels of motervation and drive to smash a work out daily . my weight is 96 kg im about 6ft and my diet is a high protein no carbs .

    im also using winstrol .

    your help would be more then appreciated thanks also some info about pct.

    Thanks. JJ
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