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  • hey man, i saw ur after pics from your m1t cycle, couldnt find the befores, can you send em my way? thanks brah
    Hi, join us here • Index page new high tech and exciting bodybuilding board men and womens section plus MMA and chat with others. Many supplement sources on board.
    Good plan - i had this same conversation w/ a guy at the gym this am - he said bulk now then get ripped for summer to impress the ladies.....I said, "Okay - so would that be the Desperate Housewives (mother's of my kids friends), my tweenage daughter's friends, or the hot young nannies who take the rich kids to the pool?" In any case, I think I'm in trouble with the wife - LOL Anyways - looks like we might be on at the same time. - We'll have to share recipes for 3000 cal tuna casserole- Hahahahaha
    whoa - that's exciting about the test - you'll be lovin life if that comes thru. About the BP - isn't oatmeal supposed to help bring that down or that just cholesterol? when are you thinking of starting? I have ordered some Test P and it's on a boat between here and Romania! LOL March will be a very good month for me - April even better! hahaha I'm trying to get my bf down to 10-12% now (I think I'm about 14% ATM) Later master-myster!
    Yo Dude - Haven't seen u post in a while - how's it going? u finish your m1T?

    later bud!
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