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  • Everday I login it still makes me change my password EVERYTIME. I STILL cant post and cant PM. Please help fix my account or reset it or something. Otherwise if we should delete the whole account and start over that would be fine too. Please let me know what we are gonna do??!?! I cant even send YOU a PM the option for PM is not there anymore. Thats why I have to keep leavin visitor messages. PLEASE HELP SC
    Hello Sc. Everytime I login it makes me change my password. I've changed my password 3 times now and I still can't post or PM. Please fix my account or let me know what is wrong with it. Thank You, !SHRUGS!
    Ever since I changed my password I cant comment on threads and cant use Pm. Please help and fix my account. Thanks StoneCold
    Hey Stonecold, I cant PM anyone. Is there something wrong with my account? Please fix my account. Thanks, !SHRUGS!
    Hey StoneColdNTO,i just recieved a message that I was put in time out for recruiting members of this board to another board SI,I want to sincerley apologize for doing this,i apparentley didnt remember the rules and i I do apologize.I would like to ask you to reinstate me to this board,cause i promise and I give you my word i will not and wont recruit anyone else for anywhere and leave my business and posting on this board only.Again im sorry,i love this board and have much respect for everyone,I just made a mistake brother,and I am man enough to admit i was wrong,badly wrong,Like i said,Im very sorry for what ive done and i promise I wont do it again and wont put myself in a situation like this again here at Ology,I hope you accept my sincere apology and give me another chance brother,thank you for your time.....Bullseye Forever
    Hey StoneColdNTO... sorry to bug you but i cannot send private msgs. i have over 50 posts. also i cant even send a msg to contact us to send to an administrator. can you please advise me on how to fix this? thanks so much!

    New to this. Started using HGH that I got from a co-worker. 5iu's a day. Been using it a week now. Wondering if there is a way to test and see if it is legit.

    Thanks in advance.
    That's really strange because I sent a pm to them and they responded and asked for a reply. Now it doesn't work. No problem and thank you for your help.
    Spoke to Mr P and suggested contacting you about My PM being disabled. Been having some conversation with Osta via Ology and they asked for feed back that I do not wish to post publicly. They have been a great help and I am not trying to put them out there as our conversation is of a sensitive matter. Thanks Stone!!
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