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  • Good day and thank you for your time, my name is Shawn and my wife who has been training for 10 years and started competing at 40 years old last year and did really well, made the South African team to go to the WFF worlds in Austria which she won the Athletic division. The SA team is talking about sending her to the universe this year under 163 toned figure, but think she is way to small her trainer wants to put her on anavar only, followed by nolvadex . I have read so much about it my head is spinning. He is talking about 20mged for 6 weeks no taper on or off also no overlap from anavar to nolvadex I'm going to include milk thistle the hole cycle and add the htp5 to the PCT. how much nolvadex and for how long should she take it.

    If you like you can mail me back on

    Thank you again for your time and help Kind and best regards
    Super girl~~I JUST joined today and spent the day reading up. You clearly know your info so I have a ?
    I'm 35, 5 6 130 contest and 145 off. My diet is super clean and i train 5-6 days aweek with cardio being all 5 and weights 3-4. Competed in roughly 15 natural competitions. I am switching my training and for 1st time I am going to do a run of anavar. 2.5 am 2.5 pm. I have read a little about hgh and I really want to add it in but I am afraid of masculine effects. I think woman who use a lot and get those effects look great and only because I can truly appreciate and understand it. Just not the exact look I want. I am looking to add some more muscle but more so I want the positive effects of feeling great, skin, hair, nails etc. so what are your thoughts?
    I do realize I would need to be on for 3+ months and the 1st month can be rough but I am willing to deal if the latter effects are worth it. Would you mind helping me with my decision??
    Hey supergirl couldn't help but notice a while back it said you were from N.Y. So are you upstate or downstate and if upstate you a personal trainer?
    Hi super girl
    Just started on anavar - on the bottle it says to take three capsules 1-2 times a day. They are 10 mg each. Is this correct for a female? I am currently on the third day of taking them -no side effects or anything as of yet. Any advice on how to continue and if this is too much? Thanks do much.
    SG your post r educational so you r my contact person!I am 33yr old female that had to get total hysterectomy 2yrs ago.I have gained 40lbs in such a short time! I nvr use to exercise but had 2 to try and fix the weight gain but sadly even with exercising and watching calorie intake I continued to gain. I went to an endocrinologist and I had blood work done and my dr. said I had normal estrogen lvls but very very low testosterone so I currently take estrodol but very lil changed.Also all the women in my family have Hypothyroidism disease and are on meds 4 it!(well all but me) The dr said my swings to much 2 medicate! Just an fyi!
    I have read some women are now using steroids to help & My husband is a bb and suggested I go try Anavar. My question is what can I do to move past this plato that Im stuck in and how do I fix these damn hormones?Thanks for helping me out!~Nayssa~:newbie:
    HI! I am a new user of gh and I have some questions.... I ramped up to 2 ius a day and so far so good.... other than severe ovary pains followed by a sudden onset of mid cycle bleeding (something that NEVER happens to me.... I'm extremely regular) have you ever heard of gh effecting a girls period? also I cant find your hgh thread you spoke of in a another post.... any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance :D
    Hi Supergirl

    I have been reading your posts and I would like to say that they are really good. I do have a question for you.I have been excercising for 3 years and have been following different meal plans (low carb,40-40-20).Right now its balanced,protein,carbs and fat with every meal.However, i cannot lose the last 10 lb.I am 5'6" and weigh 140lb,I excercise 6 times a week (split body/weight)+yoga+2days circuit trainng+cardio.I am monitoring my progress with a device which calculates calories used in 1 workout(550-850 calories).My current meal plan is1650 cal.I decided to try var 20 and clen.I have a new meal plan(nutricionist) which is low carb at 1450 cal and 2 carb up days.Should start this plan while on var and clen?I have done low carb in the past, and all the weight came back.Or should I just continue with the plan I have, while taking car and clen.Could I be in a too large caloric deficit and should i eat a little more now?
    I really appreciate your advice.
    Thanks Sanja
    Hey supergirl,

    Been reading on all your posts about gh timing and you have been recommending nighttime and AM shots. For my age (26), won't the night time shots still supress my natty gh? Basically, I want the most bang outta of my buck for gh, and I am just asking you what the best method for me should be. I got 25 kits of gh on me btw.

    Here is my current gh protocol:

    4AM - 4IU GH, then go back to sleep

    9AM - Get up, then Breakfast
    Hello Supergirl! Ive read every single thing I can find on here from you about gh. I can't seem to find your personal journal of gh anywhere. I'm wondering if possibly you can repost it, or maybe email me the link. I'm on my 2nd week and the water retention is driving me crazy!!! Ive gained 7 pounds. It would be so helpful to be able to read your journal... thank you so much in advance.

    Hi Supergirl,
    I saw on the forum is your b-day today.wanted to wish you a happy one :)
    Hi Supergirl,
    I have a few questions that I really need some help with. I am 31 year old female, 5'4 125 pounds, BMI is 21. I have lost 43 pounds since October of 2009 with the help of Fastin and I have been working out for the past couple months. I have just received 50mg anavar and of course am not going to take even close to that amount. I have split them in fours (which is 12.5 mgs each) I dont think I can cut again to make it lower. Anyways I am wondering what mgs you think might help me. I want to tone and get rid of some fat around my stomach and thighs (baby pouch). I have never used anything but am very serious about getting in shape and being healthy. I do not want any bulk just want to be very tone and have a flat belly with some abs :) never had that. I am almost there with just losing the weight and working out but am at a stand still now. Please any advise would help....
    Hey Yo SG,
    I am overweight 5’4” and currently 205 lbs. I’m going to try VAR for 5 weeks from May 27-July 1/10. I have been eating clean and exercising hard since January and have seen some great results (lost 40lbs) but I want to loss the BF faster and keep the muscle I have if not gain a bit more. I love being strong I take a lot of pride in my natural strength and am excited to be even stronger on VAR. I have red a lot of your post; you have great knowledge and suggestions thank you, you have been a great help! - I will keep you posted on my progress.
    alioup... I agree research gives pros and cons, but that is the good thing. Know exactly what you are getting yourself into! Pros will happen, however cons may as well.. and especially with women, each drug affects each woman differently. I found the best way to research anavar aside from scientific data, articles etc, is actual field evidence, meaning post on boards and ask lots of women how they like it, what did other women who used anavar experience, what sides? Alot of women, will be candid as their personal experiences will help another woman to also cycle right and not make mistakes... it is better to do something with knowledge than without.
    If you decide to do something, the route you are going is the correct one and I applaud you.
    Learn everything you can, ask alot of questions to experienced users and tread carefully. Also, please be an experienced bodybuilder/lifter so that you know your body and how it reacts; easier to gauge pros and cons. Hope this helps :)
    hi supergirl. i have been researching anavar for a while and always happen across your posts. they seem to have an abundant amount of info. i joined this forum to ask you if you could suggest where i can further research anavar for women. i want to be more than prepared when i decide to start my cycle. the internet gives info but seems to counteract it at the same time. being set on the right track would be helpful. thank you!
    Hello Supergirl- I see alot of ppl asking you questions so I was wondering if you could help me out?!? I need some help in deciding what to take for my first time. I have heard alot about Clenbuterol and T3 Cycle. Would this be the right way to go as I am a Rookie at all of this?!?
    Hey super girl. I read your post on pct for women. The q I have is what about girls on brith control? Should they stop taking it when there taking aas like anavar? How should a lady go about this?
    Hi supergirl, i see a lot of peopel trust your advice and ask a lot of questions about hgh i was wondering if you could lend me a little help and advice. im 23 about 5'3 weigh 125 right now and want to get cut out and toned not really build a lot of muscle mass. im interested in hgh and want to know how much i should take to get the desired results. my husband takes hgh and has seen great results but wanted a womans point of veiw on it get back to me on this i would love to hear what you have to say thanks a lot
    Hey ive seen ur post and can tell that u are very experient so if u could help me, id appreciate
    im think about taking primobolan 100mg/200mg week
    wht do u think? Is it just 2 times a week? Thank u
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