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  • I don't recommend running T3 without also using testosterone to protect your muscle mass.

    You can run the combo at .5 ml. per day, which would mean 100 mcg. each of T3 and clen. T3 can be run indefinately, but clen loses its effectiveness after about 2-3 weeks so you should cycle off it for about 2 weeks and then restart it. Clen will not build muscle mass in humans.
    How you doing? I need some help. I have a question. I'm not quite new to chemicals. Last time I used steroids was in 2001, when I weighed 195 lol But now I weigh 255. I know I cant use steroids because of 60 lbs is fat. I'm 5'10. I jog/walk on my treadmill 3 times a week. I recently purchased a clen/T3 combo, 200 mcg and 30 mL each. I bought it to help me, NOT solve my fat delimma. How much a day should I use, per day and how long? Do I need to cycle off of it? I heard that clen MIGHT help you build lean muscle mass and it doesnt eat away your muscles. I would be thankfull and appreciate a helpfull responce to my question. Thank you!
    If you run any steroid at any dose sufficient to produce any results at all, you will suppress your natural production of testosterone. People that stay on all the time should be using testosterone as a base.

    To answer your question, you can run eq for the duration of your cycle, whatever that is. Keep in mind that it will take 3-4 weeks from the last shot of eq before it is out of your system enough for you to start post cycle recovery.
    thanks for the help. i got another question for you, how long do you think i could run Equipoise if i only do 400mg a week for? i have some winny and a few d-bals , i was thinking of starting with d-bal while on eq because it takes a while for the eq to kick in. i have 3 bottles of eq, and i have heard that it can be ran year round in small doses. what do you think?
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