1st cycle primo, Anavar (var) and ..tren?


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1st cycle primo, var and ..tren?

I'm 29 yo, 5'10, 200 pounds, 10% bf with calipers, been working out since football days in high school.

my goals are to be "fit" as I train for triathlon type events where I like strength as well as endurance and not putting on pounds of mass that gets me outta breath after walking up a flight of stairs.

Decided to cross into the dark side with a 'shorty' of about 4 week cycle to gain clean muscle weight and strength. I thought I had things figured out and was set on the following safe cycle :

For the 1st week:
100mg Primo EOD
30mg DBal ED

followed by:
continue with 100 mg Primo EOD but substitute Dbal by
30mg Anavar ED

Here is the kicker however, up until a month ago I would work out with 315 on flat bench. 255 behind the neck shoulder bar press. 225 bentover bar rows, get 19 dead hang pull ups, so I thought I had some strength.

Then due to having some extra cash and reading good things about HGH effects on fat loss both localized and overall I decided to get it to trim up. Started with 4iu EOD split in 2iu subq injections into glutes and ham/thighs. Also took T3 at 30mcg ED since HGH impairs T3 conversion and clen at 60mcg ED. I was 208 lb when i started HGH and, long story short, last week I was 200lbs but Not to write a whole chapter; last week I struggled with 275 on flat bench and 225 with behind the neck shoulder press. I read up on HGH looks like i missed it having a huge impact on carbs and muscle glycogen which holds water so that has to explain the weight loss and the loss of strength. INcreased libido was a nice thing as I would pop a hard on like I was 14 again every time i'd see ass..

So now I'm just desperate to gain back my strenght and got a mix of Tren acetate 50mg/ml and enth 50mg/ml and would like to get input as I'd like to add to the above Primo, dbal/anavar cycle Tren at 100mg/ml (50ace/50ent) every 3 days. Is every 3 days ok for tren ace/ent for reaching stable blood levels?

I've read tren profiles on many pages and understand that tren and primo is a good cutting stack and on doing HCG after tren which is 19nor according to DocJ posts

Any help is appreciated and I know, for a first cycle, test is best but as I'm just a newb pussy afraid of test (but have no problem doing tren which is ~4 times stronger then test) I want to try this cycle before a move on to test.. I hope I illustrated that I did some research; dropped the ball on hgh though, and I'm not some beach boy who shoots Winstrol (winny) in biceps and trains arms every day.
First I think 4 weeks is a waste. You need time to build muscle. You may gain a little, but not worth the trouble IMO especially with those little doses. Why no test? Im missing what you are saying here. You are OK messing with tren and alkylated orals but not test? Test should be the ONLY thing you do your first time IMO. You are getting too crazy with the whole program. Tren, Dbol, anavar, and primo on your first cycle???? For 4 weeks??? If you want to do then no one is going to dissuade you, but its a bad start in more ways than one.
that is an aweful first cycle bro...

get yourself some testosterone enanthate, cypionate or even sustanon... and shoot yourself twice a week 500mg/week... you don't wanna be shooting tren until you know how you're gonna react to the basics...

and you say you're afraid of test?? i would be WAY more afraid of tren than test bro... from tren you can go limp, go bald, night sweats, insomnia, tren cough, reduced cardiovascularity for the time... like there are so many sides that are not worth it right away bro and you don't run it without a test... so i think you hsould research a little more on the subject of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) before you go in balls deep and fuck yourself for good bro.
You have no idea what you are doing right now, stick around and read and you will get a better idea of why your cycle is not a good idea.
I ignored all the things I read about a test only cycle for the first one. I wish I didnt. Since its your first cycle you'll probably gain off almost any poorly planned cycle. Now many cycles later I still wish I started off right. I'm not even saying test is the best, I like the tren, just lay a good foundation with the basics and and build on that. Save the extra chemicals and money for later cycles when you will need them to keep making good gains.
gman11 that's a grazy cycle for a 1st timer...just chill and stick to the basics... for traithlons where you want great endurance and low weight gain...shed some fat and nothing but quality muscle ...I would have just gone with 50mg Anavar (var) and a 150mg test.

My endurance went nuts on Var, I believe EQ and Primo are quite good for this too, but heard bad stuff about tren and cardio..if you go with 500mg of test then I'd run a good Aromatase inhibitor (AI) like aromison/AIFM to gut down on bloat but you will probably still have issues with the increase in weight.
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From what I've read, 1st cycles have to be basic to see how the body reacts. Take your time and research before you harm yourself, waste money and time. I haven't done my first cycle yet. I am still in the process of trying to get my hands on some products. I'd like to find someone in Hawaii to mentor me. Anyway dude, do your homework before you wreck yourself.