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50mg/ Winstrol Injections daily.

I KNOW'S: I KNOW..I KNOW... "winstrol isn't a the best 1st cycle choice" half say that, half love it. I don't know which half is correct but I do know this. After ALOT of research, I know it will have some effects, at least 10 15 lbs of lean muscle mass. It will have low sides ( I'm not prone to MPB ) And its the one my wife wont bitch at me about. Plus I'm not out for HUGE gains my first go around. I'm not looking to turn into Incredible Hulk...A well proportioned Spiderman will do fine for now.

PLAN: I plan on Taking 50mg a day for 8 weeks. Gaining some strength and moderate size. I want to see how my body reacts to winstrol, then next go around I'll try some Test enanthate. After that..THEN I might experiment with combos

GOAL: My goal is to gain 10-15 lbs of Lean muscle and increase my overall strength.

Stats: 10/07/06 - Natural

BI's: 13'' 2/8
Shoulders: 42'' 1/2
Chest: 36'' 6/8
Waist: 32'' 1/2

10/20/06 1st injection
(Its says I gained a couple inches in chest since 10/07 so I'm thinking I might of measured wrong the 1st time, I'ma keep closer watch on it)

Bi's 13'' 2/8
Shoulders 44''
Chest 38'' 1/2
Waist 32'' 1/2

10/20/06 1st shot I had one of my co-workers that has been on gear for years come over and give me the low down on how to take a shot, and I had him stick me the first time. Everything went fine, It was slightly sore the first night. The next day a little more sore but no big deal.

10/21/06 2nd shot, My guy isn't here to help, so All I got is my wife,and my printed up internet notes lol. I was a little more nervous this time since there wasn't a vet here watching it go down. I decided to let my wife stick me as it felt like an awkard angle sticking myself. Her Goofy ass jabs the shit out of me and wiggles the needle a little bit. Needless to say it worked, but I had a little knot for a couple hours and a bruise for a few days.

10/22/06 3rd shot, its either me or my wife again. I figure...she fucked up once, I explained what she did wrong, she outta be able to figure it out this time. She pokes me, then pulls out and pokes me again. lol (gotta love us rookies huh) Surprisingly though that one felt closer to my first one. A little sore, but no bruise or knot. I'm guessing it was all mental but I had a great work out that night. I went up 5lbs on all my weights, ran a little longer and easier on my cardio. My muscles seemed tighter and more solid. All in all pretty good. Not sure If 3rd times a charm or If I should start sticking my self though lol. :spank:
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The guy That I worked with told me I should do two shots a week 50 mg. or 1 every other day. Of winnie, not 1 a day.(He was also taking it with test and shit so I don't think he felt he needed as much winnie) I have been doing 50 mg a day. because thats what I heard gives you the most gains. At my wieght what do you guys think? Should I cut back or stay on track.

Also...I have a bruise on my right ass cheek from my wifes first fuck up, and the on one my left is just a little sore, but I did it yesterday. Should i stick it in the left again, and should I put it in exact same spot since I didn't hit a vein or move a little to the left or right?


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I decided to let my wife do it again after seriously explaining in tedious detail all the steps. It payed off great. She did perfect...Her spreading the skin seemed to help A LOT. I didn't even feel it. No knot, no bruise, barely any pain. I shot it on the side I did two days ago...just below the bruise. Feel a pretty pumped. About to work out...Its cardio night, which sucks...I can't wait to hit my chest and bi's. It hasn't hit the rotation since I started.