3 months on Trt, hCG, Anastrazole


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As everyone says, have always picked up information from theses forums but never joined until recently. Alot of people on here seem to have more general knowledge on the subject then most primary doctors. On trt 3 months so far and very happy with my clinic and results. I would say i started feeling like shit around 27 and then when i hit 30 knew something was fucked up. Exercising wasn't the same, recovery was even worse. I began to have joint pain which i never had before. Even to the point of having bloodwork done to check for arthritis which all ended up coming back normal and even mentioning Test levels to my doctor got me nothing but a crazy look. Sadly most doctors are completely unaware of TRT in younger patients and/or it's benefits. And even when someone can cross this barrier with there doctor the treatment they provide is usually done wrong either with dosage/intervals or both. But never the less These things got worse very gradually and by the time i hit 30 just knew something was off. Never used anabolics and barely any suppliments. 6"1 and 250 lbs iv'e always worked jobs in construction or machine operation so i was always muscular but never shredded. Exercised on a regular basis but sometimes more then others for months at a time. I knew quickly off that i didn't want to go through a primary doctor because they have a nac for doing the wrong shit with dosing/schedule. So i was able to find a clinic that didn't go through insurance and had a very decent flat rate with all bloodwork and labs included. This clinic actually meant it when they said flat rate, most all other clinics iv'e seen that advertise low monthly prices are lying and by the time you enroll, pay for labs and medications the cost is beyond more than the price there advertising at. They were hands off but not to an insane level, meaning they still run labs every 3 months and will modify dosage if needed but they ship supplys and meds to me every 2 months. This was what i wanted, i knew for sure i did not want to go to a doctor every week for shots and that i wanted to start with a decent dose which they all but promise. As long as your T levels are legit low of course. Although my levels were low enough to almost convince any doctor to start treatment, this place would most likely treat you even with levels in the 3 or 4 hundreds where as most doctors wouldn't even consider trt for anything under 200. I also knew from even the small amount of research i did NOT want to start with androgel or the cream as almost all people have said it didn't do shit for them, so i knew i wanted injectable treatment. This place is out of FL where there alot more combfortable prescribing Test. for more then a few medical issues. And im on the east coast where i can say for sure that they are not as comfy lol. So sure enough i do my own research, find a solid place and my first lab shows test level at 168. This was not that shocking to me as i felt something was off for a few good years at least. Things moved very quickly and easily after that and i was started on the regimen that is below -

200mg test cyp. Weekly
500 iu hCG twice weekly
.5 anastrazole infused with each test cyp. dose
All syringes included

This differs from what iv'e seen only slightly with the anastrazole being infused in.
There available for any concerns i might have but are willing to start pretty much anyone on this dose and keep them there as long as labs are decent and the patient is feeling good with it. I gotta say i feel a world better and my body has responded well to this. My joint pain has improved greatly just in the time iv'e been on so far. But if your someone who needs to be walked through every part of the process i could see where this clinic would not be for you. They reccomend that you donate blood every 2 months or so to keep red blood cells in check . 2 month intervals for donating blood is normal right ? The only issue i had was just in the first week or 2 with a small amount of nipple sensitivity but i figured this was just my body adjusting and it went away shortly after and hasn't been an issue since. If anyone can tell me some basic vitamins to take i would greatly appreciate it. I try to keep a balanced lifestyle as much as possible, as iv'e read people have alot more issues when they don't keep a Trt friendly lifestyle as alot of people have put it. If my sleeping patterns get off track i find i'm much more sensitive than before to being thrown out of whack. Iv'e also seen different schedules in reference to when people use there hCG. Right now i take the Test cyp. and hCG shot in the same day and then the other Hcg shot half way through the week.
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No disrespect , but that is a very tough read without breaking up paragraphs. You got put on TRT with only one lab test. Did you have comprehensive bloodwork done? what is your LH and FSH. Are you hypogonadal?

I am not trying to be a jerk, but everybody thinks TRT is the answer, and it is not for those that are young and do not need it. If you are hypogonadal, then you need it. If you just need to do a restart, then you do not want to do TRT and mess up your bodies hormones sooner than you have to.

List your comprehensive blood work if you want more knowledgeable and usable advice. If you are on TRT, you should donate every 56 days if possible.

Doing continued comprehensive bloodwork will let you know if you do need to donate on a regular basis, and if the TRT is working to benefit you and keeping you in balance.

Basic supplement advice, would be to take a good multiple vitamin every day, take fish oil 2 to 3 times per day, flaxseed oil and anything else you would be deficient in. Macros are a different story and everyone is different, depending on what your goals are. Eating clean is key and will work best with your TRT.
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Not being a jerk at all, i don't frequent forums often, as you can see by how that was written lol. And no i am not self medicating. I am a patient of a clinic in Fl, and did have pre workup labs with a physical and evaluation of my labs before i was started on Trt. Now when i posted that i didn't know that these forums were ran by an actual Trt clinic or that it was involved. Hopefully didn't offend by talking about another clinic. Will post my labs that are coming up to see any thoughts on them.
Ya, that was somewhat difficult to read.

Glad to hear you have a good provider and are benefiting from your treatment! Many individuals on this forum are more educated then some docs I***8217;ve personally worked with :)

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions

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These boards have sponsors who are TRT but talking about your experience with yours provider isn't out of line. No price discussion or "marketing"/trying to rec***t to non-sponsors on the open forum.

I don't care where ya get it I just want doses, schedule, labs, and personal experience. I want info!!!