3rd cycle bulking test e deca dbol


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I am planning on my 3rd cycle for bulking this winter. Looking to post this now to get some input before I start. Never used dbol or deca so anything would be greatly appreciated!!!

Test e 600 mg 16 weeks 2 shots of 300 mg a week
Deca 400 mg 1-12 weeks taken with test e
Dbol 50 mg 6 weeks every day injection
Adex 1 mg Every other day
HCG injected 2 times a week after week 4 I won't blast at the end of the cycle
Nova pct


Glutamine 5 grams a day
Casein 50 G protein night
BCAA 10 grams a day
Creatine monohydrate
NO booster
Fish oil
Beta Alanine
Essential amino acids

Foods will be clean rice chicken beef steak eggs oatmeal nothing processed. Foods will change so I won't say this or that. Because some weeks I want steak some weeks I want chicken more. But macros will be around..

Protein 480
Fats 130
Carbs 450
Calories 4800-4900

I will keep an eye on the weight will tweak calories more or less based on how fast or slow weight is gained


4 eggs
8 egg whites
2 slices wheat bread

Meal 2
1 cup oat meal
2 tbsp peanut butter
2 scoops whey

Meal 3
1 cup dry jasmine rice
16 oz chicken
Green beans butter added

Meal 4
1 cup dry jasmine rice
18 oz beef 95%
Green beans butter added

Meal 5
8 oz London broil
Green beans butter added

Meal 6
50 grams casein protein

Day 1 and 2 HIIT 5-10 minutes
Day 3 a 2 mile run. (I need to be able to run an 18 min 2 mile run so I need to keep this up I can't take 16 weeks off)


Weeks 1-6 German volume training. My thought processes is the gains I would make naturally plus the Dbol should work well together
Day 1 Legs
Day 2 Chest Back
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Shoulders and arms

Weeks 7-16 D.C. TRAINING
Day 1
Back width
Back thickness

Day 2

Day 3 rest

Considering maybe fortitude training weeks 7-16 never done it so I'm not sure

Like I said I won't start till November so please questions comments critiques. Anyone who has done a cycle like this or trained like this on a cycle if you would change anything please tell me.


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Welcome to the board :wavey:

What are your stats...
Injectable Dbol ??

Deca should be higher and longer...It's not going to start getting it's thing until week 8. Up the Deca and lower the Test or run both at 600mgs wk

Your Adex might be too high a dose


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Will start adex maybe .5 every 3rd day if needed every other day

6'1 255 15% body fat 31 y.o.

Yes it will suck every day objecting for 6 weeks but I'm hoping it will be worth it.

Deca maybe 500 mg then or match the test e at 600? And should I run it all 16 weeks

Thank you!


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I am 6'1 255-260 18% bf 31 y.o.

My guy does have injectable dbol. Won't be fun injecting every day for 6 weeks but it will be worth it.

Deca should I jump up to 500mg or just match test e at 600mg. I'll go all 16 weeks with it also.

Adex .5 every 3rd or 2nd day if needed.

Thank you.

I'm hoping this response works ive tried responding 3 times and it doesn't post.


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Sorry I meant once a week I accidentally hit the two button. Sorry for the delay I've been at work on a long shift and oli don't like going on their wifi with this website.