A Couple of First Cycle Questions...

Unnatty Lifter

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I'm currently on cycle using test phenylpropionate. I am running it for 10 weeks, currently at 350 mg per week.

I have a good amount of turinabol and Anavar ready to go. I want to add the oral around week 3 or 5 and run it for 6 or 8 weeks until the cycle ends. Only thing is, I don't know which one to choose. I'm looking to gain as much lean muscle and drop as much body fat % as possible in a 500 calorie surplus. Most people say Anavar is a cutting agent but haven't found much info about its use and effects on a lean bulk, especially compared to turinabol for that purpose.

As I see it, the pros of Anavar are that it promotes collagen (this is very important to me, though I'm also using peptides for this) and gives strength gains. Don't know how keepable the strength gains are...

And the pros of tbol are that it will enhance the effects of the testosterone I'm using.

As for how each performs for the purpose of adding clean muscle without fat (or even reducing fat at the same time) I'm not sure.
why are you dosing so low Test? how are you avoiding shut down? any hcg in your mix? read up here too bro https://steroidology.com/forum/anabolic-steroid-forum/664646-cycling-beginners-guide-safe-androgen-use.html

Two reasons for the dosage, the first is safety, I want to see how I react to the drug. I'm increasing slowly and assessing sides, will probably go up to 400 mg. Second reason is that I'm going to add another compound, either Anavar or tbol, so the cycle should be more than powerful enough for good results. I find I get some breathlessness some hours after injection but it goes away after a short while, nothing serious so far.

I've got hCG, using week 6 to 10 then PCT.
You can't cut on a calorie surplus. I don't care what steroids you want to take, it ain't happening...
What kind of AI are you taking, and what are you planning for PCT?

You can bulk or cut on any steroid, depends on your diet and workouts. Anavar is known for strength and lean muscle gains, I'd say for your goals this would be best to finish with.