A little swelling, Redness and low fever


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I recently started my first cycle of Test this past friday and I bought it from a friend of mine who just got off of it. He has about a year of experience behind using steroids and I trust him indefinitely. On saturday, a day after the injection, it was sore and made me kind of walk with a limp and still does that now unless I take Advil which makes the pain go away. I didn't start getting concerned until It developed a small, light red patch around the injection site of about an inch in diameter or so. It's definitely tender around it but I think that's due to tissue irritation. Over the past day or so I developed a low grade fever of 99.5. I'm just trying to make sure it's not an infection and if it is I want to get treatment asap before it gets bad down the road. The whole process was done in a sterile manner and the gear used was a 22 gauge 1.25 in needle (McKesson brand). All preparations were done before hand. I'm just trying to seek answers bc there's so many things people mention when it comes to this. My friend tells me not to worry bc this has happened to him but still. I didn't start worrying until it started swelling a little bit. Thanks
pinning a virgin muscle is always going to be painfull to some extent. whatever you do DONT rub it, let the oil do its thing.
By the way guys, I did 2ccs for the first injection which supposedly is a lot from what I've heard to a virgin muscle. I just don't understand the flu like symptoms and the firmness of the injection site.