adequate PCT?


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nolva 40mg ed week 1 & 2
nolva 20mg ed week 3,4 & 5
hcg 1500ius e3d (6 shots in total) week 1 & 2
vitamin E 1000ius ed while on hcg.
do i require clomid in this, or this adequate?

my cycle was
test e 750mg ew week 1-9
NPP 400mg ew week 5-10
tbol 50mg ed week 9-11
That's adequate but I prefer not to go over 500iu's per shot of hcg. Clomid isn't necessary if you are taking the nolva like that. Some people still add it but the effectiveness of the addition is debatable at best.
Oh yeah, wait till after you finish the hcg to start the nolva. The hcg will keep you shut down and you'll pretty much be wasting the nolva.
should've taken the hcg a few weeks before your cycle ended then taken clomid/armonasin as your pct