all the whey cina bun flavored whey.....anyone tried it


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anyone tried it i hear its supposed to taste really well....i have always used ON Whey Choclate and its good as well......a rep was going to send me a sample but i never got it....thought it would be a good powder to switch things up with....since it looks like it come only in 5lbs i didn't want to just get 5lbs without hearing some info on it?


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ive had it, its decent.

try the link in my sig. You can order in 1 pound increments and try all the flavors you want. They had been working on the premium flavors for over a year....ive got a few of them, and they are DELICIOUS!!! The BSL flavors are also really really good. The free flavors taste really good, but the flavoring is really weak.