Anyone Done this bench routine?

ive read about it.sems like a gimmick to me.
if you are serious about your bench, WSB
west side barbell is the name of louie simmons gym, he popularized the conjugate training method, so people that use it somethimes call it WSB for short.
rjl296 said:

slobberknocker, what kind of program do you use then??

I do part Ed Coan/part my own concoction. Nothing fancy, low volume. I just focus on adding weight or reps each workout. Nothing against WSB, by the way.

Day 1
DL 1x3-5
rack pulls 1x5
bent rows 2x5

Day 2
Bench 1x3-5
Incline 1x5
tri pushdowns 2x5

Day 3

Day 4
Squat 1x5
Good Morn 1x5
standing cable crunches 2x15

Day 5
Incline 1x5
Military press 2x5

Day 6

Well, I've been using this or something close to it for over a year now. During this time, I've gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 pounds or so. Can't remember exactly. I love it. So far, it's the best routine for me. I also have a rigorous eating schedule, based mostly on spaghetti and meatballs, milk by the gallon, and pbj's, lol. And, I do use a little chemical enhancement, but not like what some of these guys are doing.

How about you?
I'm a Westsider, have been since I started powerlifting. I'm just curious to know what other PL'ers have tried. Do you bench with PL form?

I eat probably around 3-4000 calories a day because I do want to be over 200lbs. The problem I ran into was I was overeating, and gained more fat than I wanted. I was eating everything in sight, drinking whole milk, whatever. I've scaled it back, and rotate my carbs a little, just so I don't have a huge gut. Just doesn't seem like productive weight to me.

I eventually want to hit 220, but I don't want to be a lardass 220. :D
Yep, I do everything with PL form. My mentor has been powerlifting for about 35 years, and he's taught me everything I know. He actually competed against the great Don Rheinhoudt several times, and lost each time, lol.

Right now, I'm trying to become a superheavyweight, so I wouldn't mind being a bit of a lardass, but I actually don't have a whole lot of fat for being about 320. Like 17% bf, or so. Not bad, considering I was the same bf about 45 pounds ago, lol.
Very nice!

My b/f was up around 15/16%, I think, and it was all gut. My chest needs some development, and I have a large ribcage, so it was even more prominent.

Got to have a little vanity. :)