AS and injury/surgery recovery


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I am new to the board and looked the previous posts for answers before posting, so if you guys have covered this before sorry.
I am recovering from my 7th yes 7th knee surgery, second ACL replacement, medial condyle of the femur is degenerating badly.
I have heard that AS not only helps with the obvious muscle recovery but will help keep fluid on your joints? If so witch ones would any of you recommend?
thanks for any help.
If you are having synovial fluid issues or lack of you might want to try Cynvics, or Hyalgan. The two compounds are proven to help in rebuilding the fluid levels in the knee, this is a major issue with peopke who have OA,( Osteo Arthrits), and RA (Rhumetoid Arthrits). I have used both Hyalgan is a 5 week injection, while Synvics is a 3 week injection (one shot per week). I deveoped OA from heavy training and playing football for 11 seasons after college. Speak to your Orthopedic about it, there is also a drug used by Veternarians to help with joint pain etc.. it was written up in Muscle Developement last month's issue with Ronnie Colemen on the cover. I just cannot remember the name. If I could I would try somehow to use it, you take a injection twice weekly for 6 weeks. The results are immediately ! If you do not want top try that and are looking for a excuse to take the juice or what ever, then I would tell you that igf, and hgh would be ideal for helping your cartlege and connective tissue. Do some reading on it and form a opinion on it . Good luck ! I 've been there my right knee has been operated on 5 times !
My knee and lower back surgury's were solely due to playing football, 5 years of college, and 11 years of playing in the AFL, and then in the NFL, took a major toll on my body !
college lax for four years then millitary. Synvics is great hurts like hell going in had that looking into AS for recovery it is taking longer and OA hasn't set in yet just bone degeneration. I'll look into everything thanks for the info.
dude, i tore my acl playing lax..against M.I.T. for fucks sake. Nothing like getting injured by a geek.
There is some kind of shot thst is sugar based and helps to regenerate the knee tissue or bones or some crap. I can find out the name for you...
Durring my season I would take Deca, and Anavar or in many cases parabolin. I also was always on GH or IGF-1. My joints recovered quickly after surgury, in fact I did a grade 4 tear of the MCL and medial t band along with a miniscus tear (very slight), I was operated on in March and on the field for mini camp in July running cutting you name it. My surgeon said he had never seen someone return to playing that quickly after that type of procedure, it was due to the GH and igf (i believe). Good luck !