Attention: Test Prop & EQ


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Hello to all veterans and moderators here!
Recently re-registered and looking forward to once again utilizing ology's vast info and resources.

Some Background info:
Been about a year and half since my first cycle of test propinate and deca. The Test went really well but my body did not respond well to the deca (deca dick, skin irratations etc) and thus I halted use of it after the 1st two weeks and finished the 10 week cycle of the Test Prop @ 100mg EOD. Got surprisingly solid, cut gains of about 13 lbs from the test prop alone! A side from the injec site soreness/numbness and the few fevers or headaches, It went quite smoothly.

Since than I have lost all of my gains and have been in the phase of getting back into shape after a shoulder injury (rotator cuff). Going to be start my second cycle within the next week and would greatly appreciate any advice, suggestions regarding my current plan.

100 mg EOD of Test Propinate for 10 weeks
400 mg weekly of EQuipoise for 10 weeks

I train 5 days a week and diet, Ive got a good sense of overal fitness and weightlifting due to my past job as a personal trainer

Body Stats:
23 (already have reach my growing potential)
201 lbs
Aprox. 15% body fat

Important that I be done with my cycle by May as I am flying overseas and do not want to have to take my gear and pins aboard a plane.

Regardless of your position, advice and comments, your attention to this matter is highly appreciated!

Thank you for your time!


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Definitely run the EQ longer if at all possible. I guess you don't mind the sticks of prop EOD? You could get around this by going with enthanate or cypionate.


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While sticking a few inches of metal in my body isnt my idea of a good time, its bearable enough considering the results. LOL

EQ for about 12 weeks? any suggestions on doses than?