Back where it began- 2 surgeries later


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It’s been a while, couple years and I’m back again. Took some time to get healthy but finally feeling good. Over the last 2 and half years I’ve had 2 surgeries, elbow and shoulder on the same side. It’s been a rough go. I did all I could to keep what I had. Biggest I was before any surgery was 215, I’m about 195 now but dropped as low as 180. I got cleared around 2 months ago for full activity and been killing it ever since. I’m a fan of peptides, most of it is because they make my shoulder and elbow feel better. I am taking 80ng 3x day morning, before workout, evening. Hexarelin and cjc-1295(mod grf 1-29) both. I also take a low does of Prami as I am very prolactin sensitive and the hexarelin gives me a slight bump that needs to be controlled. With that, I’m going to run a cycle in the next few months to a year. Not in a rush but wanted to get some thoughts, I’ve ran 4 cycles before, first two were just test, 3rd higher dose test and dbol kicker, not a fan of orals. 4th, test and tren. I would say I’m about where I was size and strength wise at the start of the 3rd cycle. All of this explaining to get opinions on when I should run my next cycle? People who have come off surgery and then gone on cycle? This cycle will be just test as I’ve had a few years away.

Week 1-12
Test e-600mg a week
Letro-dose based on blood work but will start at .1 eod(I know this is harder to dose then others but it’s what I’ve used and liked) do well with estrogen on the low side.
Hcg 500iu a week

2 weeks after last pin I’ll start pct as usually.
Clomid 60/60/30/30
Nolva 40/40/20/20
4 weeks, might taper slightly into a 5th week also depending on how I feel. Anyone have experience with Toremifene instead of nolva?

Let me know what you think and people who have come off surgery interested in how lon I should wait before I start the cycle.


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If youre fully healed everything looks fine just make sure you feel things out and use your head and adjust your form while you are doing reps to get the most out of your muscles without hurting your past injured ones. Its really up to you, you just have to see whats going to work for you during training because thats whats going to determine whats up. I think steroids will only make working better for you.


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Be careful as your strength goes up. In the past I have increased reps and then inc the weight as little as possible to avoid injury. Hard to hold yourself back when you feel you can take it but it almost never ends well if you give it your all. Focus on form and slowing reps down.

Keep us updated bro. Good luck


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I have no experience with it but I've heard some talk that its and AI and a serm? I'm sure someone will weigh in on this. Im curious