Bloodwork after nolva/clomid


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Would 7 weeks after SERMS be enough time to get an accurate test level result? ie. would the concentration of clomid and nolva in the blood be low enough so one could say that my body is "on it's own"?
The reason I'm asking is that i just finnished a "recovery cycle" after being shutdown for months and I can only have ONE more test at the doc so I want to time it well enough so I can be sure of the results I will be given and that i dont end up with low levels couple of weeks later...
I would say so. Wait one week to make it 8 weeks even. That way you can use it for future comparison.
First off if you can wait 12 weeks (3 months), to get the blood work completed. I believe that this is an ideal amount of time for the body to regulate itself and for levels to become "normal" without any outside influenses.
Although, it appears that you want to do this in a timely manner and that you only have one shot at it in the near future. 7 months seems a little too short for blood work of this type, but I believe that if it was taken at this time it would show if something is out of wack. As stated before if you need to get this completed quickly and get an accurate reading wait 9 weeks instead of 7 and realize that the lingering SERMs may play a part in some of the readings and may not be 100% accurate but maybe 80%.
probably good your levels usually go back pretty fast