Bodybuilder In Need Of Bulking


I'm 42 years of age and I'm in need of bulking up any advice... I am planing on doing a cycle and I am not a first timer but it's been a while, I'm 6ft. 2 1/2 tall 220 pounds been lifting for about 3 years with only 1 week off every 3 to 4 month off all I need to know what I should start off with and when should I change.
When it's been a while, go back to test!

Test @ 500mg/wk for 12 weeks should do you well. Make sure to use HCG and do a proper PCT. Also, all the steroids are good for nothing without dieting properly.

There's no need to jump back in to complex cycles and high dosages (if you were using them before). Take it nice and slow.