Boldenon U without BB?


German mass monster

I was thinking about a Boldenon Brew without BB in it, is this possible? Just wondering because the stuff is already liquid...
Its no problem. Still use 2%BA. You can go 500 mg/ml. Use EO instead of oil and it will be nice and thin and easy to draw into the syringe, but oil will work fine.
Thanks for your answers... But theres one thing Im concerned about. If I mix the Boldenon with 2%BA ad 98%EO as the carrier, its not the normal way of solving the roid into the carrier. So my question is, will it be homogenous as a normal roid solution?
well its not that simple because you have to figure displacement of the powder so your not using 98% or ml of EO or oil
its simple to say your ba will take up 2ml but the rest is a little off

what i would do is make a small 10ml batch and see how it works or holds
and then go bigger.

but as a for anything else it wil be fine made like that with no problems