BuddyBoy's BreakFast Fritters/Corn Cakes


Got any Ice Cream?
try these out u guys.. pretty tastey, kinda like a corncake or kfc muffin

.5 c quick oats
.5 c old fashion oats (or you can use just 1 c old fashion and grind
them in a food processor
6 egg whites
3 tbs corm meal
.5 tsp salt
.5 tsp baking powder
< 1 tsp of maple syrup, or your favorite sugar free syrup

spray your griddle with non stick spray, and cook away!
makes about 5 good sized corn cakes
I ate mine in the morning with fat free meatless low carb "meat" patties grilled with a little bit of olive oil..

add portein powder to your taste and needs

also a good batter to use for enchiladas? stuff with your favorite lean cuts of meat and bell peppers

ever use those old school sandwich makers? u know, the ones that close like the George Foreman grill? .. well.. fill that baby up with these, and they are great to have handy to nuke..