BuddyBoy's HomeMade Protein Bars


Got any Ice Cream?
3 c dry oats
2 c nat pb
8 tbs (1/4 c) honey
1 c fat free low sugar yogurt
3 scoops (1 cup) designer whey protein
1 cup milk & egg protein
1/4 c soy protein
6 packets equal
2 tsp vanilla extract

313 calories
18 g protein
15.5 g fat

mix wet ingredients in one bowl, dry ingredients in another, slowly stir dry ingredients into wet ones.. press into a 9 x 13 pan, refidgerate, then cut into 16 bars..

here are my thoughts these are kinda high in carbs, so I migh sub one cup of oatmeal for one cup of oat bran (which is mostly fiber) also.. cutting the fat? I'm thinking of subbing with more yogurt, or some strained apple sauce but then again, this is starting to get complicated, huh? also, I divvied up my different proteins to have an even taste, and also I didnt want to use ALL of one kind of protein (im running kinda low) the other two brands of protein were the Trader Joe's brand.
tell me what you guys think.. my whole family loves them, so Ihave to hide them in opaque tupperware so they dont know what it is in the fridge!!!
the reason that I was asking is because all I had was regular whey protein....so I just used that and substituted it where the recipe called for other protein......and the only way that I could get them to harden up enough was in the freezer....but then they kinda just turned into a pudding or something....so I don't know where I went wrong...maybe I just needed to add more oats or something????
at the most I see 4 and 1/4 cup, 3 scoops of designer whey, which I'm assuming equals 3 cups of protein. 1 Cup of milk/egg protein and a 1/4 Cup of soy. Where is the other Cup????
By the time you buy everything you need to make decent protein bars you may as well buy them outright. Shop around some protein bars are fairly reasonable and many supplement websites have overstock sales. I am lucky, my bosses wife does advertising for a company that makes protein bars so I get boxes of them for free. I do not eat them at all when I am cutting, but they are great when I am bulking.
Are you Joking? Has anybody on this board even seen photo's of Buddyboy? With all due respect buddyboy, a complete revamping of your diet should be a top priority. I've seen your photo's on this site, and by the way you physique looks, practicing what you preach is the last thing on your mind! Get off this board unless your serious about your training.
I followed the all the instructions on making those protein bars & mine came out all gooey. Did I do something wrong, or do they just turn out that way?