Bulking but loosing weight!??? Help


I vas violated
Okay so Ive been taking in about 6000 calories daily and it feels as if I am looking skinnier but gaining more weight...... Ive gained 5 pounds since gaining but I seem to be skinnier??? Whats up??

Is it my test increase with all the new foods??
I highly doubt anyone would be loosing weight on 6K cals per day.

Even a lean bulk would be tough.
I think it must be in your head. If you are getting 6000 cals a day you should be gaining. No doubt about it.
1. the smaller appearance is all in your head
2. youre drastically overestimating your calorie intake (very easy to do)
3. you weigh ~400 pounds lean and 6000 calories isnt enough to maintain your weight. in which case, FUUCK.
its not stress, its OCD overanalyzing. lift, eat, sleep, repeat. If you gain weight youre doing it right.