burger and sweet potatoe fries!!!!!! yummy



burger recipe.
7 onces ground sirlion 9% fat
2 tablespoons grill seasoning(low sodium)
make into pattie and grill.
1 large sweet potatoe. cut into fry shapes
1 tbs peeper
1tbs chilli powder
1/2 tbs cayenne pepper
1tbs cumin
put on a sheet pan on 400 broil or 20 min or until crisp......

now on stove top
3/4 cup mushroom
1/3 cup onion
saute then add
2 ounces fat free or low fat swiss cheese
put on top of burger
2 table spoons sugar free/low carb bbq sauce.
eat with a fork with sweet potaote fries on the side....

Done this one already didnt add chilli but I gotta say Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm best burgers... EVER!