Can lose weight, but not fat.


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I have found another doctor (woman), she is a general practitioner, homeopath and acupuncturist. She seems genuinely interested in my problem over the telephone.

I have an appointment on Monday afternoon. I have made notes of all the things that you guys suggested for the bloodwork.

Is there anything I should do or not do, eat / not eat to ensure that I get a fair blood sample this time? Should I eat anything before she takes the sample, or fast for the day?


You blood work for hormones should be taken first thing in the morning. Not in the afternoon. Ideally you would go in for blood work tomorrow morning so you can have blood work results to discuss with your doctor. Otherwise it will just be a lot of guessing.


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Over here, it doesn't work like that. Only the doctor can take the blood sample. Then, they send it to a lab and it takes between one and two weeks to get the results back. The results go to the doctor, so they contact you when they get the results and you have to go in again (and pay again, of course) to discuss the results.


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The plot thickens!

Yesterday, my new doctor took a new blood sample. I asked for all the things you advised BUT . . .

GP's are not allowed by the EU to ask for more than a 'basic' blood analysis. They won't do T3/T4 unless the TSH is over 4.5. They can't ask for hormones and suchlike. For this I have to go (and pay) to an endocrinologist and yet another blood sample and yet another lab fees.

I'm told the results will be back from the lab 'in a few days', so I have to wait, but she has promised to refer me to an endocrinologist, if any of the results seem to be 'abnormal'. So I guess this means that 'normal' is the same as for someone a third of my age!

I carefully explained all the symptoms, but they can't make a diagnosis of anything unless it's supported by the blood analysis.

Isn't the EU great? These are the same people that have banned to use of vacuum cleaner over 1600 Watts and who want cows put in nappies! ( Some more howlers here -

So I guess the medical profession don't need to learn anything about diagnostics if they work in Europe. We'll soon need to send our nose droppings to the lab to confirm that we have 'flu and get referred to a 'flu 'Specialist' for treatment.

I'll post the new blood work (for what it's worth) as soon as I get them. I wonder how many months I'll have to wait to get an appointment with an Endocinologist. I hope it's less than my grandmother. She needed an operation, and she was sent a letter (at least her husband was) telling here that her operation had been scheduled, 3 YEARS after her death. So much for Socialist medicine.