carb deplete and carb loading for pre-contest


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right now i am trying to get into contest shape (low carb-diet). i see a lot of people on here talking about how they have 1 cheat day a week or 1 cheat meal a week. well, here is what i do (as recomended by a friend of mine who is also a former Mr. New Orleans).

days 1-3: very low carbs <50g day and no sugars little sodium
the night before the 4th day on my very last meal i sodium load.

day 4: Carb up day! 50-60g of carbs per meal while only taking in a glass of water per meal. protein is still kept high

thats pretty much a simplified version of my diet right now
thanks for the info i have been having good luck with this plan the abs are starting to become alot more defined.

i havent tried the sodium load yet. how are you doing this? also how much protein and fat are you consuming each day? i have been taking in 300 grams of protein and 44 grams of fat. also why do you recommend only 1 glass of water with each meal on your carb load day. currently i have been drinking at least a gallon a day. helps me big time with food cravings. sorry for the bombard of questions but just want all the info i can get this diet is kicking ass for me!!!

thanks again bro for any info you have

Nutri, how has your diet been going? I remember reading your first post about it, but you have really mentioned anything about it since. How much weight/bf have your dropped?
n8dawg- Im glad to see its working for you bro. the way i sodium load is on the 3rd day of carb depleting (the day before carb up) at my last meal i eat something containing a SHIT LOAD of sodium.

the reason for only a glass of water at each meal the next day is so you do not retain water since you took in so much sodium the night before.

Easto- My diet is goin pretty good. i can actually see my abs! (although my right middle ab is a lot flatter than the rest :( )

my current weight is around 184 and my bf% is... i have no idea. i really need to get it tested out though
n8dawg again- i take in around 300 grams of protein. not too sure about the fat though....

most of my fat is good fats coming from non-hydrogenated oils such as natural peanut butter and medium-chain triglicerides(sp?) (MCT)
Easto said:
What was your starting weight? How many calories are you eat each day?
starting weight was 206

as far as how many calories i eat a day... hell if i know. unfortunately i am too busy to count calories right now. however, once finals are over, calorie counting begins
i find it easier to just count grams of protein, carbs, and fats each day i just right it down on a piece of paper i keep in my pocket. after
i eat something i write down the grams. makes it easy to keep track of what you have left to eat.
n8dawg said:
thats what i have been taking in

thanks bro

hows it been working for you?
its been working pretty good actually. i can see my abs for the first time since the beginning of my bulking cycle :)