Best steps to transition from keto back to a carb diet


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So my wife is coming off a cal deficit keto diet and is going to reverse diet while going back to carbs in hopes of building some muscle. While making the transition would she be better off to slowly lower fats and simultaneously increase carbs while remaining at the same cal then start to reverse diet?...make the swing in the same day from keto to low fat high carb then start reverse dieting?
Her current macros are 108p/20c/100f
Before keto her macros were 110p/185/70f
Her stats are: 5’2”/125lb/23-25%bf/34yrsld
(She is a very light eater and really struggles to eat 1600-1800cal)
She is very strict with her diet, weighing/measuring/tracking everything but struggles to lose weight or build solid muscle. I am ignorant with female dieting, all I know is what works for me (high carb/low fat). She trains 5 days a week with me including weights and 12-15min cardio. She has no AA history (but hasn’t ruled it out), but has ran 1 sarm cycle. Not sure how relevant this is but we have 2 kids and she just recently came off birth control after being on it for 16 years.